How to kill two birds with one stone

In my customised approach of potential applicants during Active Sourcing, on request I can simultaneously establish a talent pool for you. In this pool, you will find all those candidates showing an interest in either contacting you or remaining in contact with you. At the time of approach, these individuals may not be ready for a career change. Nevertheless, you now have the opportunity of establishing a medium and long-term relationship with these contacts. The first approach is also the start of the Customer Journey: I pick up the candidates at exactly the point they are at currently. Moreover, you only need to take these candidates on the continuing journey – perhaps permanently towards a common goal in your company.

Parallel to your search request you additionally get a list of people who are interested in your company – it is hardly easier to acquire talent! You can contact them directly, and/or maintain a professional dialogue with them. Theme events, discussion panels, trade fairs, content newsletters, blogs and many more are ideally suited for such purposes. Do you know of a recruiting measure having such a positive side effect on your company's image as the Talent Pool? Without any extra costs?

Speaking of Employer Branding! What exactly is it? And why is Employer Branding so important especially for small and medium-sized enterprises?