My experience

LinkedIn awarded me „Superstar“, i.e. to be among the top 25% of Recruiter worldwide in 2017.

I am grateful for this honour that I fully owe to my clients and candidates and their trustful cooperation.

LinkedIn calls me a superstar - thanks to all my clients and candidates!

Over many years I have gathered substantial experience in the recruiting of personnel for cross-sector projects. This experience gives me the foundation and background for authentic and personal communication with clients and candidates.

That's me.

My success has been predominately in the following sectors:

Management & Consulting
Conferences & Fairs & Training
Media & Advertising
IT & Manufacturing
Associations & Financial Services

The range of placements included positions for senior management, departmental managers, as well as specialist positions in sales, marketing (online/offline), project management and controlling.

In addition, I have extensive Coaching experience regarding issues such as Global Mobility (ex-/repatriates) as well as individual career counselling.

Paper & pencil is what i often use.