You have three options...

1. You are looking for staff - regularly or over a certain period?

In this case, I recommend my flat rate offer.

Choose this option, and I will pep up your tailored recruiting for a defined period. I will be your voice in the market for candidates – be it for research, Active Sourcing, recruiting events, candidate interviews, etc. This flat rate fee is based on a predefined number of hours per week over an agreed upon period of time (e.g. 12, 18, 24 or more months).

These are the three main advantages:

Budget certainty and transparency: The monthly fee depends on the scope required for your recruiting which we mutually decide on. You will receive a regular report for the duration of the flat rate concerning my activities (usually once a week).

Integration in the Employer Branding measures: I will constantly present your company in the market of applicants and approach potential candidates as First Point of Contact personally and professionally.

Development of a talent pool: A number of new contacts interested in your company are a welcome side effect of Active Sourcing. Where else can you effortlessly obtain information on potential candidates free of charge, with whom you can build up permanent contact?

2. You have a specific project in mind, and are endeavouring to fill a specific position?  

In this case, you can appoint me to fill the position you require. I will take on the project from start to finish – from Active Search to contract signature. After we jointly define the framework of this project in terms of content, duration, scope, etc., I will start on your project and I will expedite it speedily and flexibly. This model is characterised by its performance-based fee. 

3. You are looking for support for individual tasks as part of your recruiting activities? 

Suppose, for example, you want to know how many potential/passive candidates with specific competences or in a specific location might possibly qualify. In this case, I will carry out research on the major platforms. After a short period, you will receive a list of the persons concerned.  Alternatively, perhaps you want to interview a number of potential candidates in advance by phone – but have neither the resources nor the time to do so. In this case, I can carry out the interviews on your behalf in a professional manner. You can then continue your recruiting process in-house based on my detailed documentation.

Once we have agreed on content, duration and scope of this single service, I will go ahead reliably and speedily. Choose this procedure and pay only the hours accumulated.

Whichever option you decide on: I am open to your questions and comments – call me at +49 8093 905 451. Alternatively, I look forward to reading your message at !