What kind of impression does your company leave on the candidates' market?

Each one of your employees is an ambassador for your company's brand, be it on the phone, in emails or in personal interviews, internally and externally, as well as at the top or bottom of the company. Among other aspects, the entirety of communication contributes to your company's image in the market for candidates. In the age of instant information on the one hand, and urgently required personnel on the other, a negative image can be fatal for you as a company. Moreover, smart candidates gather information about you as an employer in advance on Glassdoor and Kununu, for example.

Companies known as established brands or attractive employers compete for the best talent in the candidate market with massive funds. For this reason – in addition to good products, first class service and a challenging job – an Employer Branding Strategy is essential especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Only companies positioning themselves as attractive employers with special offers, and seriously interested in meeting potential candidates, can enthuse them and ultimately secure them as employees. Employer Branding measures such as special fireside chats or networking events on technical subjects are useful tools in this respect. Developing these measures in conjunction with you, and to act as a First Point of Contact, is part of my proposal.

Let us develop ideas as to how you can score big points as an employer with your potential talent.