You can easily utilise the huge market potential of passive candidates

In the market for candidates, the expectations of companies and candidates are on a collision course:

Companies wish to fill their vacancies as quickly as possible (within an average of 2 months according to Global Staffing Trends 2017, LinkedIn). At the same time, they want to locate good or excellent applicants. Moreover, the number of positions to be filled over the next years will continue to increase considerably (ICR Recruiting Trends 2017). This means that the demand for good candidates will increase accordingly.

In the past, the number of vacancies exceeded the number of candidates. The reverse is true today. This has triggered a shift in the candidates' expectations: today, candidates expect THE suitable job with appropriate work-life balance; they are usually willing to change only on condition of better remuneration and prospects. They clearly have an advantage, and can opt for the best offer from the overabundance of vacancies.

According to the study Talent Trends 2015 by LinkedIn, the results for Germany show that:



25% of employees are actively looking for a new job. These active candidates are the only ones who check employment ads and might possibly apply for a new position.


In the German market, the majority of candidates are the 75% of so-called passive candidates (70% globally). They are not actively looking for a professional change. They ignore job advertisements, but are latently open to interesting offers. From within these 75%, I can identify potential talents who meet your requirements and fit with your company. I specifically and individually approach each potential candidate (Active Sourcing) - an approach personally tailored to each of your staff needs.